What do we do?

Whether you need transportation, employment, a caretaker, or a home health aide or other services, we will match you up with the perfect provider agency to provide these services. We understand your concern to find help, and we do everything to make the search as simple and fast as possible.

We find the right services for you, and only you.

Remove the frustration and hassle from finding services that support Medicaid. The NLC Support staff listens to every detail of your situation and circumstances to determine the best mix of services available to you. Here at NLC Support, our mission is to give you quality and care without the hassle.

Why Choose NLC?

Quality here at NLC is never an accident. It is always the result of our high intention to assist you, our sincere efforts, intelligent direction, and skillful execution.

Quality. No Assumptions.

Unlike other agencies, NLC asks extensive questions to gather the correct information. We only accept information from a primary sources, like you.

Personal Plans. Clarity. Detail.

At NLC Support, we only hire those a keen eye for detail. Our plans are written and critically reviewed in compliance with our "zero assumption" rule so that all our plan is 100% sourced from accurate information.

Responsive. Transparent.

At NLC, we believe the most important part of communication is hearing what isn't said. We want to be the final stop to your frenzy of back and forth calls.

Always Updated.

NLC realizes the importance of updates. Things change. Life Happens. We document and keep track of everything to make sure we maintain our proactivity.

About Us

Meet the team at NLC Support.

John Smith

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Robert Downturn

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Ally Sanders

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